5th Grade Ag Field Trip Day

Program Area: Education and Ag Promotion (EAP)
County Farm Bureau: Keith County Farm Bureau
Year: 2015
Phone: (308) 280-0067
Email: carolync@nefb.org
Program Description:

Our county had its first annual 5th grade Ag Field Trip day. We invited all 5th graders in the county from 5 schools. We set up stations for the children to visit to learn about agriculture from the necessary elements of the soil, to putting the food on the table. Our presenters included an agronomist, seed dealer, implement repairmen, water expert, farm safety expert, and local ag producers. The children were led in groups by the local FFA chapter as guides, and the day was spent learning all aspects of what makes it possible for us all to have food to eat.


Today's youth are often removed from the farm and don't understand what it takes to have food in their refrigerators. We wanted to share with young people the time, dedication, expertise and technology required to make sure their bellies are full. We believe bringing agriculture into the classroom can educate students that agriculture is essential to our economy, community, as well as themselves.


We also worked to create activities that show how all areas of education are necessary for productive agriculture. After the field day, we wanted classroom teachers to be able to use information so children understand that math, science, social studies, and communication are all essential in their lives and on the farm.


We wanted students to understand where their food comes from, the expertise needed to care for the land, animals and resources, the costs involved to produce our food, the great care that is taken to ensure everyone has enough great tasting food to eat.