Ag Night at Haymarket Park

Program Area:Member Services (MS)
County Farm Bureau:Lancaster County Farm Bureau
Phone: (402) 310-0263
Program Description:

Ag Night was an ag themed night at our local semi-professional baseball game.  It was a free event, open to members. The event offered a free tailgate followed by games and activities during the game along with promotional videos playing on the big screens.  It was a fun way for the CFB to build relationships with members, state staff and insurance agents while increasing retention rates and capturing new members through organized promotional and education opportunities. This fun, free event is just one more added benefit to members in the county and an event appealing to our non-ag members. A great way to say thanks for being a member or join the fun and become a member today!


Needs: There is always a need to increase renewals and retention rates for non-ag members within the county. We need membership to keep Farm Bureau viable. 


Goal:  The goal was to increase membership and retention rates while developing strong relationships between members, agents and staff during a fun family event.

Objectives: (1) Provide a fun night for members compliments of Farm Bureau at the baseball game, creating an additional member benefit helping to retain members. (2) Enhance and strengthen the relationship between the CFB and the county insurance agents. (3) Inform attendees of the mission and work of Farm Bureau and the value of membership.