Beef. It's What's for Lunch.

Program Area: Education and Ag Promotion (EAP)
County Farm Bureau: Dawson County Farm Bureau
Year: 2015
Phone: (308) 660-7625
Program Description:

County Farm Bureau partnered with County Cattlemen and a local packing plant to feed beef through school lunchrooms to all 4600 students in our county. We purchased 1200 pounds of center cut round roasts from the processor, delivered it to the 7 schools in our county, and then joined the students the day the meat was served to them.  We involved many different media sources that highlighted the success of our project on the both the local and state level.

This county is one of the leading cattle feeding counties in our state; thus the goal was to bring attention to beef being a nutrient dense low calorie means of providing daily needs of protein, zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals to our youth (and adults). 

The need was to provide a quality product that the 4600 youth in all 7 of the schools in our county could enjoy eating and the cooks would find easy to prepare.  

The objective was to bring attention to the nutritional benefits of eating low fat beef for building healthy bodies. 

We also wanted to emphasize to lunch room cooks, parents, teachers, administrators, and youth that the Federal nutritional  guidelines needed to include a healthy protein source such as beef.  We are concerned with the push to Meatless Mondays.  

And of course, we wanted to highlight Farm Bureau as an organization that promotes not only area agriculture but also works to bring benefits to the entire community through education and service events.