Raider Beef Program

Program Area: Education and Ag Promotion (EAP)
County Farm Bureau: Cheyenne County Farm Bureau
Year: 2015
Phone: (308) 280-0067
Program Description: Our county Farm Bureau has partnered with one of our local schools to create the School Beef Program, which will provide high-quality local beef to students (roughly 1300 kids ranging from daycare-age to High School Seniors). This program will save the school an estimated $10,000 per year. The savings from this program will help to fund an FFA program at this school in the future. We are collecting donations from our members and local businesses in the form of either cash or beef, all 100% tax deductible. Monetary donations will go towards purchasing beef at market price from our local producer members. 

There is a need to strengthen the relationship among our local agriculture producers and the rest of our community, as well as increase the nutrition our students receive through the school lunch program. The goal of the beef program is to ultimately help create an FFA program in this school. It will benefit our students, our local producers, and our schools. It will provide our students with high-quality, local beef. The program will also open up another market for our local producers since the monetary donations collected will go towards purchasing beef. On top of those benefits, the school will reap significant savings since the objective of the program is to provide the beef through donations. Based on the number of pounds of beef used in the previous school year (3,300 lbs.) and the average price per pound plus inflation, we estimate the savings to be around $10,000 per school year. These savings will initially go towards upgrading the school's kitchen appliances. As the program progresses, savings will be put towards the creation of an FFA program in the public school. For the short term, the school has also agreed to allow us to work directly with the teachers to provide agriculture-based curriculum to the students.  
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