County Fair Refreshment Tank

Program Area: Public Relations and Information (PR/I)
County Farm Bureau: Hitchcock County Farm Bureau
Year: 2015
Phone: (308) 660-7625
Program Description:

The County Farm Bureau supported their county fair this year by providing free bottles of water for exhibitors as well as spectators. The bottles of water were printed with the County Farm Bureau logo and were handed out by farm bureau members as they welcomed fair exhibitors and spectators to the fair. The water was a welcome relief to all of those who received it, as the water for the County Fair was the typical scorching Nebraska heat during July.


The County Farm Bureau recognized that due to the sparse population of the county, there is a smaller base to draw from for membership. Hosting an event at the county fair provided the ability to expose their organization to a larger amount of agriculture based families at one time, including both current and future farm bureau members.


Their objective was that with the exposure of their organization to the community, comes the opportunity to inform future and current members on the role of farm bureau and what it means for those in production agriculture.


The County Farm Bureau made it a goal for themselves to increase their membership 4% this year. A larger increase in membership with a currently engaged and highly motivated County Farm Bureau Board allows for a greater presence and more opportunities for the County Farm Bureau down the road, such as more voting delegates at the state Farm Bureau Convention, more discussion on policy resolutions in the local area, and a large voice for agriculture promotion for farmers and ranchers in the county and state.