Program Area: Education and Ag Promotion (EAP)
County Farm Bureau:  Cheyenne County Farm Bureau
Year: 2018
Phone: (308) 280-0067
Program Description:

Read the book Milk Comes From a Cow produced by the Kansas Farm Bureau. Discussed different things made from milk and the students favorite kind of milk. The students signed a poster under their favorite kind of milk. Also handed out Ag Week coloring sheets and held a coloring contest for a gift card to Dairy Queen. We then donated 2 books to each facility/school we visited.

We worked with five different locations in Cheyenne county to meet with all PreK-2nd Grade students. Then worked individually with each teacher to set the time frame. We also had a separate coloring sheet for each grade level to make our coloring contest based on grade level. Each teacher was also given a packet with the lesson plans associated with the book.

Met with each classroom, read the Milk Comes From A Cow book, answered all of the students milk/farm questions, discussed favorite kinds of milk and signed the poster board under that kind of milk, and then handed out activity books and coloring sheets.

This was unique for our county because we are trying to establish an Ag in the Classroom program in each of the schools within our county. We also provided each teacher with the lesson plans associated with the book. The goal is for them to add it to their curriculum where appropriate.

We met with 382 students in the course of one week. By offering a coloring contest, it also forced their parents to get involved and learn about the ag in the classroom program. The parents have to submit the coloring sheet to our Cheyenne County Farm Bureau Facebook page. This will encourage them to follow our activities and maybe even get involved.

Supporting Documents: