Communications & Technology


provided by Starlink

Access to high-speed, high-quality broadband service is essential to farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. This is why the Nebraska Farm Bureau is working with Starlink, to better fulfill the broadband needs of all Nebraskans. 

Starlink is engineered and operated by SpaceX. As the world’s leading provider of launch services, SpaceX is leveraging its deep experience with both spacecraft and on-orbit operations to deploy the world’s most advanced broadband internet system. Starlink delivers high-speed, low-latency broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more to users all over the world.

Nebraska Farm Bureau members signing up for new Starlink internet services using the unique members-only link below receive 2-months of service free!

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Affinity Cellular

provided by Affinity Cellular

Affinity Cellular operates on the nations largest and most dependable network and has been providing cellular service to membership organizations since 2011.

Affinity Cellular offers a wide array of plans and phones with a focus on those seeking Talk and Text only and lower data consumption. You select the phone and plan that best fits your needs.   

Nebraska Farm Bureau members receive a $75 airtime credit upon phone activation.  In addition, members can:

  • Keep their own devices
  • Keep an existing cell phone number
  • Choose one of two entry level phones, a Flip or Smartphone for Free 
  • Or choose from a wide array of devices at great prices

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Nebraska Farm Bureau News

provided by Nebraska Farm Bureau Newspaper

Keep up to date on the latest Farm Bureau news and events with the Nebraska Farm Bureau Newspaper. Now it's easier because we've gone digital!

Farmer/rancher members receive the newspaper 6 times a year. All members can place a FREE want ad of 30 words or less.   

All members also receive 10% off display ads. Ads are due by the 1st of each month. 

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