Farm Bureau Activities

Farm Bureau Activities

Since 1917, County Farm Bureaus have been the grass roots and the voice of Nebraska Agriculture. Thanks to your innovative and action-oriented programs, Nebraskans know the value of the work you do to raise the food, fuel and fiber that provides for your family, community and our state and nation.

This page was celebrated as a unique clearinghouse of ideas for County Farm Bureaus to share your ideas and learn from others. We welcome you to share your successful county Farm Bureau programs and activities with other counties to consider as they are planning their own events and activities.

If you have a program or event you would like listed on this page, please submit it using this online form.

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Project ↓↑Farm Bureau ↓↑Year ↓↑Region ↓↑Category ↓↑Activity Type ↓↑
Once Upon a Farm Douglas County2015SoutheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)Muesum
Ag Night at Haymarket Park Lancaster County2018SoutheastMember Services (MS)Baseball Game
Raider Beef Program Cheyenne County2015NorthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) School Beef Program
Beef.  It's What's for Lunch Dawson County2015SouthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) School Beef Program
Root Beer Float Social Adams County2015SouthwestPublic Relations and Information (PR/I)County Fair
County Fair Refreshment Tank Hitchcock County2015SouthwestPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) County Fair
Kids Agland and Ranch Rodeo Lincoln County2015SouthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) County Fair
5th Grade Ag Field Trip Day Keith County2015NorthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) Field Day
Fremont Corn Expo Dodge County*2014, 2015SoutheastPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) Trade Show
Village Point Farmers Market Douglas County*2015SoutheastPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) Farmers Market
Tom Osborne Event Antelope County2015NortheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo Lincoln County2015SouthwestPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) Trade Show
ATV Safety Day Nemaha County*2015SoutheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)Field Day
York County Ag Tour York County*2015SoutheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) Membership Event
Pumpkin Festival Madison County2015NortheastPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) Membership Event
4th of July Parade Antelope County2015NortheastPublic Relations and Information (PR/I) Parade
Annual Meeting and Vineyard Tour
Wayne County2015NortheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Coffees around the County Dixon County2015NortheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP) Membership Event
Ag Technology Update Cedar County
Cuming County
Dakota County
Dixon County
Wayne County
2016NortheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)   Membership Event
YF&R Social Night Douglas County*2016SoutheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Tri-City Storm Hockey Adams County*
Buffalo County
Hall County
Howard County
Merrick County
2016CentralMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Ag Night Antique Tractor & Car Show Lancaster County2016SoutheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Werner Park FB Proud Video Series Sponsorship Sarpy County2015SoutheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Bin Safety Day Burt County2016NortheastMember Services (MS)Membership Event
Farm in the CityDouglas County2017SoutheastEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)Museum
County Classroom VisitBox Butte County2018NorthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)Ag Week
Milk Comes from a CowCheyenne County2018NorthwestEducation and Ag Promotion (EAP)Ag Week